Harriet Jones

And the answer is. . . .

So I've been worried about whether, when I resume normal activities, I will have forgotten everything I know about social interactions and just plain functioning.

Now I have had a taste, and I know: I seem to be exactly on a par with where I was: I have at least minimum competence while managing to insert awkwardness from time time time! Collapse ) crossposted at Dreamwidth; comments welcome on either!
Aelfgyfu and Cnut

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter to all who celebrate it on the Gregorian calendar! (I'll try to remember to come back to wish those on the Julian calendar a happy Easter on May 2, but I gotta admit, the odds are not good).

I've had both my shots, Brilliant Husband has had the first, and Progeny has an appointment real soon now for her first.

I went to my first Easter Mass in two years. We wore masks and stayed distanced, we had no baptisms or confirmations, but it was joyous, and I'm so grateful I could go!

And Progeny is now 20, for those keeping track. Can you believe it?

I hope you are all well!

crossposted at Dreamwidth; comments welcome on either!
Aelfgyfu in the Liber Vitae

Personal update

Hi, folks! I haven't posted much personal here in ages. There's way too much to say, but I figure I ought to mention a few things.

Collapse )

Obviously, I'm very consumed by the pandemic still. And now by Daylight Savings Time (see previous post). I should post more about fun things like tv and books! And funny cat stories!

How are you all?