Al shal be wel, and al shal be wel, and al manner of thyng shal be wele

Aelfgyfu's Mead Hall (fanfic)
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anglo-saxon studies, blake's 7, deep space 9, doctor who, due south, fanfic, languages, medieval literature, movies, novels, plays, primeval, psych, pushing daisies, sarah jane adventures, science fiction, star trek, stargate atlantis, stargate sg-1, torchwood, weird al yankovic
I am an Anglo-Saxon warrior queen who writes fan fiction in my spare time, when I'm not out battling the forces of evil or reciting Caedmon's Hymn or the opening of Beowulf to anyone who will listen. For fun, I read SF and mysteries, and I watch SF; my fanfic is Stargate (SG-1and SGA), with a little Doctor Who, Torchwood, and Primeval. My other loves include Blake's 7, Deep Space Nine, Planet of the Apes (the very shortlived series from 1974), and other things that perhaps I'll recall next time I edit my bio.

I try to spell out these abbreviations at least once in each entry, but in case I forget or you get lost:
BH=Brilliant Husband
SC=Small Child
I also live with two cats who have managed to gain pseudonyms for themselves.
Sparky is a middle-aged, smallish female, not very friendly;
Doofus is a young male, large, who loves SC more than he loves anyone else (which is saying quite a bit)

Oh, and it's pronounced ELF-yee-vu--just like it's spelled.

The "al shal be wele" quotation is from Julian of Norwich's Shewings .
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