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Happy Birthday!

Happy birthday to sg_fignewton! I hope it has been a good one!

Happy belated birthday!

Happy belated birthday to lmichelle599! I hope you enjoyed it!


Happy birthday!

Happy birthday to sg_wonderland! I hope it has been a good one!


Happy birthday!

Happy birthday to nialla42! May you have an excellent year.


Happy birthday!

Happy birthday to beanpot! I hope you're enjoying it.


Imperial Radch series

Last October, I finished the Imperial Radch series by Ann Leckie (Ancillary Justice, with my brief review here (third item); Ancillary Sword, reviewed here; and Ancillary Mercy, about which I raved here, but couldn't say much without spoiling). I was so sad to be done with the universe that though astrogirl2 gave me links to two short stories Ann Leckie wrote in the universe, I didn't read them until late this summer so that I wouldn't be finished.

I've read them now and have to pass on the links. There's "She Commands Me and I Obey", which doesn't really mention the Radch empire and certainly doesn't refer to events taking place in the novels, but it's really good and has some of the same feel. A young monk on a world where leadership is decided by winning a ballgame likes to go to the statue of a long-dead ballplayer named She-Commands-Me-and-I-Obey in a garden full of such statues for worship, but he doesn't find peace there. (The link takes you to part 1 of 2.)

"Night's Slow Poison" is more obviously set in the Radch universe and should not be read until after the second book in the trilogy. It's shorter but, like the first one, packs a wallop.

In the fan world, the book trailer for Ancillary Justice by bironic at AO3 offers a lovely look (or look back) at the book and made me want to see the movies used to make it too.

And, like astrogirl2, I'm still hoping Leckie isn't quite done with this universe. If you're not following her on Twitter, why not? She's here, and at least Aug 17–20, she's sharing cool stuff from Worldcon, some related to her books!


Help my poor memory!

I cannot remember what I want nor find it with Google searches that have taken up more time than I ought to have given them, so I'm hoping someone with great Google Fu or someone who has read the same story can help me.

Last month, I read a wonderful science fiction or speculative fiction story whose author I really wanted to remember so I could read more of their work. I can't. I can't even remember whether it was a man or a woman, whether the name seemed to have any marked language or nationality (I want to say it did), or the title of the story.

I read it online. I found it after I read the Fireside Fiction Special Report on #BlackSpecFic. I want to say that I went from there to Terraform because Terraform gets special mention in the report as an exception, but I'm not sure I read the story at Terraform, and I sure can't find it there now.

The protagonist is a woman whose name I can't remember. She's in late nineteenth or early twentieth century Egypt(?), maybe Cairo, and she dresses like a very well-dressed British man though she is not herself British. I believe she is a detective. This world has magic, and angels and/or djinn have come through from an adjacent world. I don't want to give away too much of the plot, but I specifically remember a scene early in the story where she visits an angel who is very tall and has an exoskeleton because the angel is too delicate for the world. The angel is building a very elaborate clock.

The protagonist has a watch from her father. I think she also wears a monocle.

I have put a lot of combinations of these keywords into Google. It doesn't help that I can't remember: is Islam really named, or is it implied? Is the place called Egypt, or Cairo, or did I supply those? Does "djinn" or "jinn" appear?

Please help! I would love to find this story again; I highly recommend it.

ETA: MANY, MANY THANKS TO a_phoenixdragon for finding it! "A Dead Djinn in Cairo" by P. Djeli Clark at Tor. Now I can find more by this author—and reread this one!

Happy birthday!

Happy birthday to gatechic! I hope you're enjoying it and that life is treating you and your family well!


Happy birthday!

Happy birthday to sholio! I hope you're enjoying it!


Happy birthday!

Happy birthday to astrogirl2! I hope you're enjoying it!




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