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Happy birthday!

Happy birthday to abyssinia4077! I hope you're enjoying it!


Happy birthday!

Happy birthday to lunachickk! I hope you're having a good day—and if you have time to drop an update, please do! I miss hearing from you.


Happy birthday!

Happy birthday to randomfreshink! I haven't seen you in a while. I hope all is well and that you're enjoying the day!


Happy birthday!

I haven't seen you around in ages, tejas, so you probably won't see this. But if you do: have a great birthday, and know that I miss you!


Sherlock: my reactions to s3 and s4


I hated, hated, hated the end of series 3 of Sherlock—so much that I couldn't bring myself to post on it. I read fic a little while longer, except for that by a very few writers that I read a lot longer, but the third season really soured me on Sherlock. Here's whyCollapse )


The Abominable BrideCollapse )

This episode had basically no redeeming features for me. I don't even remember any moments I enjoyed.

So why did I watch series 4? Am I a masochist? Or just too much an optimist, hoping they'll get better? I think I'm an addict hoping this hit will be as good as the first one was. Nope.

Series 4Collapse )

Tag to The Final ProblemCollapse )

New Year's Resolution!

Happy New Year, everyone! May 2017 be kinder to you than 2016—even if you had a good 2016!

My New Year's Resolution, carefully formulated mere days before I heard rumors of LJ's impending demise is . . . drum roll, please . . . to post more on LJ!

If the worst happens and LJ goes kaput, please look for me on Drnamwidth instead: http://aelfgyfu-mead.dreamwidth.org. I've backed up my whole LJ there, and we can hide there, as in a bunker.

I am optimistic, however, so I will post here.

I've been around, and I'm sorry I haven't been more visible. I've been reading posts and generally replying, but things got away from me early this year, and I kept feeling as if I couldn't post to LJ until I posted more to LJ to explain where I'd been, but some of these will be friends-locked entries, and . . . and . . . and. . . .

There will be posts.

There will be more posts about the tv I'm watching. Brief version, with more to follow: just a tasteCollapse )

Doctor Who!

We saw the Doctor Who Christmas special and enjoyed it. It was pretty silly even for DW, but I loved the characters (well, not sure about Nardole, but certainly Grant), and I had forgotten what a wonderful face Peter Capaldi has. A lot of DW is people reacting to one another, and this Doctor is so much fun to watch reacting! "Some situations are just too ridiculous to be allowed to continue" has been filed for future reference. I'm sure it will come in useful often.

We've also started "The Power of the Daleks." We TiVo'd it off BBC America, but it was wiped from our TiVo! Apparently the machine decided we'd hit our limit of five items, but in fact we hadn't; the folder had nothing in it. A friend pointed out that we can still watch on BBCA's website, so we've been doing that, despite the very painful repetition of the same two commercials at each of the frequent commercial breaks: one for the show we are watching, which seems quite beside the point, and one for s1 of Dirk Gently, which we already watched in full, and if one ad per episode didn't convince us to watch, why would five?

So my longings for real seasons are back. Have you all already seen this little Radio Times article with a two-minute scene with the new companion, Bill (played by Pearl Mackie)?? I just ran across it today looking for an update on when the new season will start.

I didn't find any reliable update, just a quote from Peter Capaldi that he thinks it will start up again in April. Now I want to see more of Bill! And the Doctor!


delphia2000 posted a link to LJ PSA: time for DW, which I in turn share here. If you follow the links there, from dr_tectonic, you see a recent entry with what is known and hypothesized. Short version: LJ servers are in Russia, where hackers and/or the Russian government could access them, so be careful what you're sharing. Also, between political trouble and financial trouble, LJ could go into sudden crisis.

dr_tectonic's post gives you a quick guide to opening a Dreamwidth account and importing your LJ.

I hope LJ will be around for a good long time—but I've also just imported my whole LJ into Dreamwidth again. I do it periodically anyway, just in case.

Happy birthday!

Happy birthday to hestia8! I hope you're enjoying it!


Happy holidays!

To all who are celebrating Hanukah or Christmas: a blessed day to you and your families!




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